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Founder Ross D. Siragusa

SINCE 1934

Admiral Corporation Of America

Admiral Corporation Inc. is best known worldwide for its home appliances and electronics. The company was originally known as the Transformer Corporation of America and by 1929 it was the biggest supplier of radio parts in the world. The Great Depression of 1929 took its toll and Ross D Siragusa, our founder, was forced to declare bankruptcy. Later in 1934 he purchased the “Admiral” trademark which went on to officially become Admiral Corporation America Inc., in 1936.

Admiral’s global operations started in 1946 with the opening of its factory in Toronto - Canada with subsequent regions entities in Mexico, Italy, Taiwan and India. By 1966 the company had over 14,000 staff with operations in 110 countries.

On 30-Dec-1953, Admiral America introduced the world's first ever Colour Television, the C1617A at a cost of $1,175 which is $11,747 in 2022. By the 60s’ colour televisions were the must-have electronics product and Admiral’s overall sales revenue sky-rocketed to a whopping $414 million in 1966!

Admiral went on to introduce 75 innovations in designs, production and marketing of home appliances, and radio and TV sets. Please refer to the company’s History Timeline and Product History below for more information.

In 2019, with the launch of Admiral America Energy Inc., the company ventured into e-Mobility, Charging Solutions and Energy Management Systems.

Company History

1924 >

Founder Ross D Siragusa launches Transformer Corporation of America

1934 >

Transformer Corporation of America closes and Siragusa pivots to form Continental Radio and Television Corporation

1936 >

Siragusa purchases Radio Products Corp

1939 >

Company formally named Admiral Corporation

1944 >

Earns Excellence Award from the U.S. government for its production efforts during WW2 April 1944

1946 >

Admiral starts production in Toronto - Canada

1947 >

Admiral starts producing TVs

1949 >

Starts sponsoring the Sid Caesar TV series

1950 >

Admiral moves into appliances launches it's range of Refrigerators

1951 >

Achieves the milestone of Five Million TVs' a year

1953 >

On 30 Dec 1953, Admiral introduced the First Colour TV for sale. The C1617A cost $1,175 which is almost $11,747 in 2022.

1966 >

14,000 employees in 110 countries

1966 >

Sales soars to $414 Million with the popularity of colour TVs

1967 >

Admiral Overseas Corporation established in Taiwan

1974 - 86 >
  • 1974 – Acquired by Rockwell.
  • 1979 – Sold to Magic Chef.
  • 1986 – Acquired by Maytag.
2005 >

Admiral Overseas Corporation launched in India

2006 >
  • Admiral acquired by Whirlpool
  • Admiral Overseas Corporation launched in Mexico
2007 - 09 >

Admiral Overseas Corporation sales spread across 40 countries

2019 >

Admiral Corporation of America launched in the Middle East

< 2019

Admiral ventures into e-Mobility, Energy Storage & Leasing with the launch of Admiral America Energy Inc.

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Product History

ACA Board Members



Founder and CEO of KraneShares, a company that offers global investors China-focused exchange traded funds and unique access and products to the Chinese stock and fixed income markets.



Managing Director of American Chamber of Commerce - Dubai. A dynamic leader dedicated to achieving corporate goals by providing strategic direction, vision, and program management.



Chairman of Board CITIC Rising Star Travel Investment Co. Ltd. A versatile leader having a track record in venture capital and private equity, skilled in Negotiation, Business Planning, Market Research, Digital Marketing, and Entertainment.



Manager, Marketing Department – Sales & Marketing Division Panasonic. A dynamic leader in the Automotive Industry skilled in Strategic Management and Business Development.



Marketing Director at Saif Al Ghurair group. A Marketing Leader who recognises and values the importance of both consumer and business customers in achieving commercial and marketing goals.



Board member of Admiral Corporation of America. An entrepreneur and businessman having the vision, determination, and desire to improve and implement beneficial reforms.